Übersicht der bisher verwendeten Titel

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Thema: Übersicht der bisher verwendeten Titel

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10.05.2006, 10:50 Uhr

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Liste aller verwendeten Rätselsongs bis S10R03.

# Interpret(en) Titel Rätselnummer

1 2 Men A Drum Machine And A Trumpet Tired Of Getting Pushed Around S08R03
2 2 Unlimited Faces ZR 04.07.2007
3 4 D Sex Appeal S05R08
4 10cc Dreadlock Holiday ZR 04.07.2007Freak
5 10cc Wall Street Shuffle ZR 70er
6 Abba The Day Before You Came S08R05
7 Abba The Winner Takes It All S01R14
8 Abba Under Attack S02R08
9 ABC Be Near Me S05R05
10 ABC Poison Arrow S09R01
11 ABC The Look Of Love S05R03
12 ABC The Night You Murdered Love S03R03
13 Abigail Mead/Nigel Goulding Full Metal Jacket (I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor) S04R05
14 Abstürzende Brieftauben Betzy Fraitag S04R03
15 Abwärts Computerstaat S03R09
16 AC/DC Back In Black S09R11
17 AC/DC Hells Bells S01R01
18 AC/DC Highway To Hell S07R13
19 AC/DC Highway To Hell ZW 17.12.07
20 A Certain Ratio Flight ZR 23.05.2006
21 Achim Reichel Der Spieler S03R02
22 Act Snobbery And Decay ZR 04.07.2007Freak
23 Adam Ant Goody Two Shoes S02R03
24 Adam Ant Prince Charming S03R07
25 Adrian Gurvitz Classic S03R10
26 Adriano Celentano Giornata Nein S07R04
27 Adventures Two Rivers S04R02
28 Aerosmith Love In An Elevator S02R08
29 Ärzte Bitte, Bitte S02R01
30 Ärzte Geschwisterliebe S08R06
31 Ärzte Grace Kelly S01R04
32 Ärzte Ich Will Dich Küssen S04R02
33 Ärzte Schlaflied S08R08
34 Ärzte Zu Spät S02R09
35 Ärzte Zu Spät S03R07
36 A Flock Of Seagulls I Ran S05R01
37 A Flock Of Seagulls Space Age Love Song S04R10
38 A Flock Of Seagulls The More You Live, The More You Love S06R08
39 A Flock Of Seagulls Transfer Affection S08R11
40 A Flock Of Seagulls Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) S01R09
41 A Flock Of Seagulls Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) S04R07
42 Afrika Bambaataa & Family Featuring UB 40 Reckless S09R10
43 Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force Planet Rock S01R03
44 After The Fire 1980-F S01R18
45 Age Of Chance Don't Get Mad, Get Even S01R03
46 A-Ha Cry Wolf WM-Quiz
47 A-Ha The Blood That Moves The Body (Remix) ZR 25.07.2007
48 A-Ha The Living Daylights S02R07
49 A-Ha The Sun Always Shines On T.V. S09R08
50 A-Ha Touchy S01R13
51 Aimee Mann Wise Up ZR 04.07.2007Freak
52 Al Jarreau Moonlighting Theme S09R01
53 Al Jarreau Raging Waters S08R08
54 Al Jarreau With Shakatak Day By Day ZR 25.07.2007
55 Alain Delon Comme Au Cinéma S02R06
56 Alan Parsons Project Eye In The Sky S01R15
57 Alan Parsons Project Eye In The Sky S07R04
58 Alan Parsons Project Eye In The Sky S08R04
59 Alan Parsons Project Lucifer S09R07
60 Alan Parsons Project Sirius WM-Quiz
61 Alba Only Music Survives S01R04
62 Alexander O'Neal Criticize S02R06
63 Alice Nomadi S05R02
64 Alice Una Notte Speciale S07R06
65 Alice Cooper Clones ZR 05/06
66 Alice Cooper Poison S03R02
67 Alicia Bridges I Love The Nightlife ZW 17.12.07
68 Alien Sex Fiend E.S.T. (A Trip To The Moon) S01R03
69 Alisha Baby Talk S04R04
70 Alison Moyet All Cried Out S05R06
71 Alison Moyet Ordinary Girl S04R04
72 Alphaville A Victory Of Love S03R09
73 Alphaville Big In Japan S08R05
74 Alphaville Jerusalem S08R01
75 Altered Images Happy Birthday S09R01
76 Alvin Stardust I Feel Like Buddy Holly S01R08
77 Amii Stewart Jealousy WM-Quiz
78 Amin Peck Running Straight Scheulmix 31.05.06
79 Andy Borg Adios Amor S10R01
80 Andy Gibb Desire S01R13
81 Aneka Japanese Boy S06R10
82 Aneka Little Lady S06R02
83 Anne Clark Our Darkness S01R02
84 Anne Clark Sleeper In Metropolis S03R02
85 Annica Boller Saint-Paul De Vence S06R04
86 Apollonia 6 Sex Shooter S08R06
87 Aretha Franklin & George Michael I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) ZR 27.06.2007
88 Arno Steffen Supergut (Ne?) S05R07
89 Arno Steffen Supergut (Ne?) S07R04
90 Art Of Noise Featuring Duane Eddy Peter Gunn S01R14
91 Artists United Against Apartheid Sun City ZR 06/07
92 Asia Heat Of The Moment S08R10
93 Assembly Never Never S01R10
94 Associates Breakfast S04R12
95 Australian Crawl Reckless (Don't Be So) S02R01
96 B-52's Private Idaho S09R02
97 B.A. Robertson Bang Bang S01R12
98 B-Movie Marilyn Dreams S07R08
99 B-Movie Nowhere Girl S01R08
100 Babybird You're Gorgeous ZR 02.02.08Freak
101 Babylon Tschernobyl Ostrock-ZR
102 Baby's Gang Happy Song S08R09
103 Baltimora Tarzan Boy S01R14
104 Bananarama Cruel Summer S01R12
105 Bananarama More Than Physical S08R12
106 Bananarama Nathan Jones S09R12
107 Bananarama Rough Justice S09R09
108 Bananarama Venus S01R20
109 Banco De Gaia Last Train To Lhasa ZR 04.07.2007Freak
110 Band Aid Do They Know It's Christmas S05R12
111 Band Für Afrika Nackt Im Wind S07R05
112 Band Für Afrika Nackt Im Wind S08R08
113 Bandolero Paris Latino S07R09
114 Bangles Hazy Shade Of Winter S01R14
115 Bangles In Your Room S03R08
116 Baobab N.O. J.O.B. S06R03
117 BAP Fortsetzung Folgt S07R13
118 BAP Time Is Cash, Time Is Money S06R01
119 BAP Zehnter Juni Scheulmix 31.05.06
120 Barbra Streisand Papa, Can You Hear Me ZR 02.02.08Freak
121 Barclay James Harvest Life Is For Living S03R13
122 Barry Ryan Zeit Macht Nur Vor Dem Teufel Halt ZR 70er
123 Barry White Sho' You Right S09R06
124 Bauhaus Dark Entries S08R06
125 Beach Boys Kokomo S06R02
126 Beagle Music Ltd. Daydream S08R03
127 Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right S07R04
128 Beastie Boys So What 'Cha Want S05R03
129 Beautiful South Song For Whoever S07R03
130 Belle Stars Sign Of The Times S08R06
131 Beloved The Sun Rising ZR 04.07.2007Freak
132 Belouis Some Imagination S04R01
133 Benjamin Orr Stay The Night S02R01
134 Berlin Like Flames S08R11
135 Berlin Sex S01R18
136 Berlin Take My Breath Away S05R12
137 Berluc No Bomb Ostrock-ZR
138 Bernie Paul Oh No No S01R05
139 Bernward Büker Bande Wilde Abenteuer (In Der Nacht) S04R11
140 Bertie Higgins Key Largo S02R10
141 Bette Midler Beast Of Burden S02R04
142 Big Country Look Away S06R01
143 Bill Conti Gonna Fly Now S04R07
144 Billie Joe Spears Sing Me An Old-Fashioned Song ZR 70er
145 Billy Bragg A New England S01R21
146 Billy Idol Catch A Fall S09R10
147 Billy Idol Flesh For Fantasy S02R09
148 Billy Idol Rebel Yell S02R12
149 Billy Idol Sweet Sixteen S08R10
150 Billy Idol To Be A Lover S05R10
151 Billy Idol White Wedding S01R09
152 Billy Joel Pressure S01R20
153 Billy Joel Say Goodbye To Hollywood (Live) S09R01
154 Billy Joel Tell Her About It S03R03
155 Billy Ocean Loverboy S01R13
156 Billy Ocean Loverboy S07R10
157 Billy Ocean European Queen S09R08
158 Billy Talent Red Flag ZR 18.07.2007
159 Bis Love Will Tear Us Apart S03R01
160 Black Everything's Coming Up Roses ZR 02.02.08Freak
161 Black Wonderful Life S02R04
162 Black Box Ride On Time S05R12
163 Black Sabbath Paranoid ZR 70er
164 Blancmange Blind Vision S01R09
165 Blancmange Living On The Ceiling S03R11
166 Blancmange Waves S07R11
167 Blind Date Your Heart Keeps Burning S02R06
168 Blonker Sidewalk Cafe ZR 04.07.2007Freak
169 Blondie Atomic S09R11
170 Blondie Denis S01R15
171 Blondie Rapture S07R04
172 Blondie The Tide Is High S08R04
173 Blow Monkeys Digging Your Scene S07R05
174 Bluebells Young At Heart S05R10
175 Blue Nile Tinseltown In The Rain S05R08
176 Blue Öyster Cult Don't Fear The Reaper ZR 18.07.2007
177 Blue System Under My Skin S09R03
178 Bob Geldof The Great Song Of Indifference S05R07
179 Bob Marley Could You Be Loved S08R02
180 Bob Seger Shakedown S03R05
181 Bobby McFerrin Good Lovin' S01R06
182 Bobby O With Claudja Barry Whisper To A Scream S09R08
183 Bobo In White Wooden Houses Travel In My Mind ZR 04.07.2007
184 Bohannon Disco Stomp ZR 11.05.2006
185 Bolland & Bolland You're In The Army Now S07R04
186 Bomb The Bass Beat Dis' S03R11
187 Bon Jovi Wanted Dead Or Alive S09R02
188 Boney M. Children Of Paradise S09R02
189 Boney M. Painter Man ZW 17.12.07
190 Boney M. Rasputin WM-Quiz
191 Boney M. We Kill The World S09R03
192 Bonnie Tyler Band Of Gold S01R17
193 Bonnie Tyler Here She Comes S06R01
194 Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero S01R15
195 Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse Of The Heart S09R04
196 Booker Newberry III Love Town S06R05
197 Boston Amanda S07R02
198 Bots Geburt S05R07
199 Boulevard Rainy Day In London S02R11
200 Bow Wow Wow Go Wild In The Country S06R08
201 Boys Don't Cry I Wanna Be A Cowboy S04R06
202 Boytronic Diamonds And Loving Arms S06R04
203 Boytronic Man In A Uniform S01R13
204 Boytronic You S08R12
205 Break Machine Street Dance S02R06
206 Breakfast Club Never Be The Same WM-Quiz
207 Breakfast Club Right On Track S09R10
208 Bronski Beat I Feel Love ZR 27.06.2007
209 Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy S05R03
210 Bronski Beat Why S06R10
211 Bros When Will I Be Famous S08R12
212 Bruce & Bongo Hi Ho (Whistle While You Work) S06R07
213 Bruce & Bongo The Best Disco S08R12
214 Bruce Hornsby Every Little Kiss S02R08
215 Bruce Springsteen Born In The USA S08R04
216 Bruce Springsteen Cover Me S03R02
217 Bruce Springsteen No Surrender S04R11
218 Bruce Springsteen The River S01R14
219 Bruce Springsteen Viva Las Vegas S01R06
220 Bryan Adams Christmas Time S05R12
221 Bryan Adams Heaven S02R10
222 Bryan Ferry Don't Stop The Dance S08R07
223 Bryan Ferry Let's Stick Together S01R01
224 Bryan Ferry Slave To Love S04R03
225 Bucks Fizz When We Were Young S04R08
226 Bucks Fizz When We Were Young S06R09
227 Buggles Technopop S04R11
228 Buggles The Plastic Age S06R07
229 Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star ZR 06/07
230 Burkhard Brozat Ich Würd' Dich Gern Mal Wiederseh'n S04R09
231 Cabaret Voltaire Just Fascination ZR 23.05.2006
232 Cabaret Voltaire Sensoria ZR 04.07.2007Freak
233 Camomilla Queen Of The Night S09R08
234 Camouflage Love Is A Shield S07R03
235 Camouflage Strangers Thoughts S06R08
236 Captain & Tennille Do That To Me One More Time ZW 17.12.07
237 Captain Sensible Happy Talk S07R02
238 Cardigans Erase/Rewind ZR 04.07.2007
239 Carlos Peron Der Komtur S08R12
240 Carmel More More More S08R08
241 Caroline Loeb C'est La Ouate S01R13
242 Cars You Might Think S05R01
243 Cars Tonight She Comes S09R03
244 Carsten Bohn a.k.a. Bert Brac Titelmelodie „Die Drei ?“ ZR 18.07.2007
245 Catch 25 Years S02R04
246 CC Catch Strangers By Night S02R10
247 CCCP American Soviets S02R06
248 Celine Dion Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi S09R03
249 Century Lover Why S01R10
250 Chaka Khan I Feel For You S01R18
251 Chaka Khan I Feel For You S02R05
252 Chaka Khan This Is My Night S09R09
253 Charlatans My Beautiful Friend ZR 04.07.2007Freak
254 Charlie Spacer Woman S01R07
255 Cher I Found Someone S07R12
256 Cher Just Like Jesse James S05R02
257 China Crisis King In A Catholic Style ZR 05/06
258 China Crisis Wishful Thinking S07R03
259 Chris de Burgh Man On The Line S07R06
260 Chris de Burgh The Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night) S01R02
261 Chris Isaak Blue Hotel S04R03
262 Chris Rea Josephine S03R10
263 Chriss Sweets For My Sweet ZR 25.07.2007
264 Christians Forgotten Town ZR 25.07.2007
265 Christians Ideal World S05R06
266 Clannad Robin (The Hooded Man) S07R11
267 Clash London Calling S10R02
268 Clash Rock The Casbah S05R03
269 Clash The Magnificent Seven ZR 04.07.2007Freak
270 Clash This Is England S01R21
271 Claudia Mori & Adriano Celentano Non Succedera Piu S01R13
272 Cliff Richard Some People S07R01
273 Climie Fisher Love Changes (Everything) S09R08
274 Clowns & Helden Besser S01R05
275 Coast To Coast Do The Hucklebuck S02R03
276 Cock Robin The Promise You Made S05R09
277 Code 61 Drop The Deal S09R05
278 Coil Tainted Love S03R01
279 Coldplay Clocks ZR 27.06.2007Freak
280 Colonel Abrams Trapped S02R04
281 Colourbox You Keep Me Hanging On S01R03
282 Combo Colossale Puppen Weinen Nicht S08R09
283 Commodores Nightshift S09R08
284 Communards Don't Leave Me This Way S07R10
285 Corey Hart Sunglasses At Night S01R01
286 Cosa Rosa Millionenmal S01R11
287 Cranberries Dreams ZR 04.07.2007
288 Cult Rain S05R09
289 Culture Beat Der Erdbeermund ZR 05/06
290 Culture Club Do You Really Want To Hurt Me S06R06
291 Culture Club It's A Miracle/Miss Me Blind (US 12" Mix) S03R11
292 Culture Club Victims S09R02
293 Cure A Forest S04R12
294 Cure Close To Me S03R07
295 Cure Love Cats S01R12
296 Cure Lullaby S01R05
297 Cure The Caterpillar S08R09
298 Cure The Walk S06R07
299 Curiosity Killed The Cat Misfit S08R08
300 Curiosity Killed The Cat Ordinary Day S06R05
301 CuttingCrew Fear Or Falling S09R06
302 Cybotron Clear S04R05
303 Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun S01R01
304 Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun S09R11
305 Cyndi Lauper Money Changes Everything S05R12
306 Cyndi Lauper She Bop S07R10
307 D-Mob Put Your Hands Together S03R06
308 DAF Der Mussolini ZR 02.02.08Freak
309 DAF Verschwende Deine Jugend S02R05
310 DAF Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Mo S04R05
311 Damn Yankees High Enough S01R04
312 Damned Grimly Fiendish S04R10
313 Dance 2 Trance Power Of American Natives ZR 04.07.2007
314 Dance With A Stranger The Invisible Man S06R04
315 Dan Hartman I Can Dream About You S03R10
316 Danielle Deneuve The Rising Sun S07R09
317 Danny Wilson Mary's Prayer S09R10
318 Danzig Mother S07R03
319 Dario G. Carnival De Paris WM-Quiz
320 Daryl Hall & John Oates I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) S07R02
321 Daryl Hall & John Oates Method Of Modern Love S07R08
322 Daryl Hall & John Oates Out Of Touch (12“) S07R01
323 Dave Edmunds High School Nights S02R02
324 Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin It's My Party S08R09
325 Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer Lily Was Here S03R05
326 David Bowie As The World Falls Down S04R10
327 David Bowie Ashes To Ashes S07R01
328 David Bowie China Girl S05R02
329 David Bowie Fame ZR 11.05.2006
330 David Bowie Let's Dance S01R09
331 David Cassidy The Last Kiss S07R01
332 David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto Forbidden Colours S02R11
333 Dead Kennedys California Über Alles S03R07
334 Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia S01R09
335 Dead Or Alive You Spin Me 'Round S01R19
336 Dead Or Alive You Spin Me 'Round S06R06
337 DeBarge Rhythm Of The Night S02R09
338 Debbie Gibson Only In My Dreams S01R18
339 Debbie Harry French Kissin' In The USA S01R06
340 Debbie Harry French Kissin' In The USA S07R09
341 Deep Purple Perfect Strangers S07R12
342 Del Amitri Nothing Ever Happens S02R08
343 Delegation Where's The Love (We Used To Know) ZW 17.12.07
344 Den Harrow Catch The Fox S04R07
345 Den Harrow Don't Break My Heart S03R02
346 Den Harrow Mad Desire S02R07
347 Deniece Williams Let's Hear It For The Boy S03R13
348 Deodato S.O.S. Fire In The Sky S09R08
349 Depeche Mode A Question Of Lust S03R06
350 Depeche Mode Everything Counts S04R06
351 Depeche Mode Just Can't Get Enough WM-Quiz
352 Depeche Mode Personal Jesus S01R08
353 Depeche Mode Somebody S02R01
354 Desireless John S02R10
355 Desmond Dekker Israelites S03R12
356 Deutsche Fußball Nationalmannschaft Fußball Ist Unser Leben ZR 18.07.2007
357 Device Who Says S06R05
358 Dexy's Midnight Runners Geno S06R07
359 Diana Ross My Old Piano S10R01
360 Diana Ross Upside Down S09R07
361 Digital Emotion Go Go Yellow Screen S04R04
362 Dinosaur Jr. Just Like Heaven S03R01
363 Dire Straits Industrial Disease S05R12
364 Dire Straits Private Investigations S05R06
365 Dire Straits Walk Of Life (Live) S01R02
366 Dire Straits Your Latest Trick S01R13
367 Divine Shoot Your Shot S01R19
368 Divine Shoot Your Shot WM-Quiz
369 Divine You Think You're A Man S08R04
370 Divinyls Pleasure And Pain Scheulmix 31.05.06
371 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Parents Just Don't Understand S07R03
372 Doctor & The Medics Waterloo ZR 02.02.08Freak
373 Doctor & The Medics Spirit In The Sky S01R17
374 Doctor's Cat Watch Out S01R07
375 DÖF (Tauchen/Prokopetz) Codo S03R13
376 Dollar Oh L'Amour S05R05
377 Dolly Parton 9 To 5 S01R06
378 Dolly Parton You Are ZR 02.02.08Freak
379 Dominoe Here I Am S08R09
380 Don Henley The Boys Of Summer S02R04
381 Donna Summer I Feel Love WM-Quiz
382 Donna Summer State Of Independence S10R02
383 Doop Doop S01R06
384 Dr. Motte & Westbam Sunshine (Love Parade 1997) ZR 04.07.2007
385 Dream Academy Life In A Northern Town S01R01
386 Drion Lady Valentine S04R12
387 Duran Duran A View To A Kill ZR 06/07
388 Duran Duran Girls On Film S01R03
389 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf S08R02
390 Duran Duran Is There Something I Should Know S10R02
391 Duran Duran New Moon On Monday S01R08
392 Duran Duran Planet Earth S08R03
393 Duran Duran Rio S02R12
394 Duran Duran Save A Prayer S05R11
395 Duran Duran The Reflex S09R10
396 Duran Duran Wild Boys WM-Quiz
397 Dusty Springfield In Private WM-Quiz
398 Earth & Fire Weekend S08R11
399 EAV Ba Ba Banküberfall S06R02
400 EAV Es G'winnt A Jeder S09R11
401 EAV Fata Morgana S06R11
402 Earth Wind & Fire Let's Groove S07R08
403 Earth Wind & Fire Let's Groove S09R08
404 Echo & The Bunnymen Bring On The Dancing Horses S01R09
405 Echo & The Bunnymen The Killing Moon ZR 06/07
406 Eddie Murphy Party All The Time S03R08
407 Eddie Rabbit Drivin' My Life Away S03R08
408 Eddy Grant Do You Feel My Love S06R07
409 Eddy Grant Electric Avenue S05R11
410 Eddy Grant Gimme Hope Jo'anna WM-Quiz
411 Eddy Grant Romancing The Stone S08R07
412 Eighth Wonder I'm Not Scared S10R01
413 Electric Beat Crew Here We Come Ostrock-ZR
414 Electric Light Orchestra Four Little Diamonds S07R01
415 Electric Light Orchestra Here Is The News ZR 27.06.2007
416 Electric Light Orchestra Hold On Tight S06R10
417 Electric Light Orchestra Twilight S06R01
418 Electronica's Dance Little Bird S02R11
419 Elektrostar Feat. Esther Half A Minute S03R01
420 Ellen Foley We Belong To The Night ZR 04.07.2007Freak
421 Ellis Beggs & Howard Big Bubbles, No Troubles ZR 27.06.2007
422 Elton John Blue Eyes S08R04
423 Elton John I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues S01R14
424 Elton John I'm Still Standing ZR 25.07.2007
425 Elton John Passengers S10R02
426 Elvis Costello Watching The Detectives ZW 17.12.07
427 Elvis Presley Wooden Heart (Muss I Denn) ZR 22.05.2006
428 Endgames Waiting For Another Chance S08R01
429 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Lucky Man ZR 70er
430 Enya Boadicea S10R01
431 Enya Caribbean Blue ZR 04.07.2007
432 Enya Orinoco Flow S09R11
433 Erasure Brother And Sister S09R03
434 Erasure Drama S07R05
435 Erasure Oh L'Amour S09R08
436 Erasure Ship Of Fools S06R02
437 Erasure Victim Of Love S08R09
438 Eric B. & Rakim Paid In Full S02R05
439 Eros Ramazotti Terra Promessa S09R08
440 Europe Rock The Night S02R06
441 Eurythmics Never Gonna Cry Again S02R11
442 Eurythmics Sex Crime (1984) S01R18
443 Evelyn Thomas High Energy WM-Quiz
444 Everything But The Girl Each And Every One S04R12
445 Expose Point Of No Return S03R08
446 Extrabreit Hurra Hurra Die Schule Brennt S03R04
447 Extrabreit Marmelade S08R10
448 Extrabreit Kleptomanie S06R11
449 Extrabreit Polizisten S07R04
450 Extrabreit Ruhm Scheulmix 31.05.06
451 Extrabreit & Marianne Rosenberg Duo Infernal S06R01
452 Fad Gadget Collapsing New People S06R03
453 Fairground Attraction Find My Love S01R04
454 Fairground Attraction Perfect S08R11
455 Faithless Insomnia ZR 04.07.06
456 Fake Right S07R09
457 Falco Jeanny Part 1 S03R11
458 Falco Maschine Brennt S06R08
459 Falco Rock Me Amadeus S01R19
460 Falco The Sound Of Musik S05R01
461 Falco Vienna Calling (Tourist Version) S07R11
462 Falco Wiener Blut ZR 25.07.2007
463 Fancy Chinese Eyes WM-Quiz
464 Fancy Flames Of Love S06R10
465 Fancy Slice Me Nice ZR 25.07.2007
466 Fast Eddie Jack To The Sound S09R08
467 Fantastic Plastic Machine There Must Be An Angel S03R01
468 Feargal Sharkey A Good Heart S01R19
469 Fehlfarben Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran) S04R10
470 Fehlfarben Tag Und Nacht S08R08
471 Felix Don't You Want Me ZR 04.07.2007
472 Felix De Luxe Taxi Nach Paris S01R14
473 Fern Kinney Together We Are Beautiful ZR 02.02.08Freak
474 Ferry Aid Let It Be S07R04
475 Fiat Lux Secrets S02R01
476 Fiction Factory Feels Like Heaven ZR 05/06
477 Fields Of The Nephilim Dawnrazor ZR 18.07.2007
478 Fine Young Cannibals Johnny Come Home S02R06
479 Fine Young Cannibals She Drives Me Crazy ZR 02.02.08Freak
480 First Ladies Geh' Nicht Fort S04R09
481 Fischer-Z Marliese S03R07
482 Fischer-Z The Perfect Day S02R06
483 Fish A Gentleman's Excuse Me ZR 02.02.08Freak
484 Five Star Can't Wait Another Minute S02R03
485 Five Star Rock My World ZR 25.07.2007
486 Fixx Less Cities More Moving People S09R12
487 Flamingos Goodbye Maria, Goodbye My Love S04R09
488 Flash & The Pan Ayla S10R03
489 Flash & The Pan Early Morning Wake Up Call S08R03
490 Flash & The Pan Midnight Man S02R04
491 Flash & The Pan Midnight Man S03R06
492 Flatsch Die Gute Alte Zeit S01R04
493 Flatsch Schwester S05R04
494 Fleetwood Mac Oh Diane S10R01
495 Force M.D.'s Tender Love S03R08
496 Foreigner I Want To Know What Love Is S09R04
497 Foreigner Juke Box Hero S06R10
498 Foreigner Urgent S04R10
499 Forrest Rock The Boat Scheulmix 31.05.06
500 Fox The Fox Precious Little Diamond S01R07
501 Foyer Des Arts Wissenswertes Über Erlangen S10R02
502 Fräulein Menke Hohe Berge S03R04
503 Fräulein Menke Tretboot In Seenot S08R10
504 Fra Lippo Lippi Shouldn't Have To Be Like That S06R12
505 France Gall Ella Elle L'a (PWL-Mix) S02R11
506 Frank Duval What A Day S06R05
507 Frank Sinatra It Was A Very Good Year ZR 04.07.2007Freak
508 Frank Stallone Far From Over S01R10
509 Frank Zander Jeannie (Die Reine Wahrheit) S06R05
510 Frank Zappa Bobby Brown S02R05
511 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Rage Hard S01R07
512 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax WM-Quiz
513 Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Power Of Love ZR 05/06
514 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes S06R11
515 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Watching The Wildlife S02R02
516 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome To The Pleasuredome S08R08
517 Franz Ferdinand Darts Of Pleasure ZR 22.05.2006
518 F.R. David Pick Up The Phone S02R02
519 Fred Sonnenschein Und Seine Freunde Ja, Wenn Wir Alle Englein Wären? S01R06
520 Freddie Aguilar Anak S09R05
521 Freeez I.O.U. S01R12
522 Freeez I.O.U. WM-Quiz
523 Freeez Pop Goes My Love S02R07
524 Freur Doot Doot S07R11
525 Frida I Know There's Something Going On S05R05
526 Frida To Turn The Stone S04R11
527 Fritz Brause Shilly Shally S03R03
528 Front 242 Headhunter ZR 27.06.2007
529 Full Force Alice, I Want You Just For Me S03R11
530 Fun Boy Three/Bananarama It Ain't What You Do, It's The Way That You Do It S07R07
531 Fun Fun Happy Station S01R10
532 Fun Fun Happy Station S03R06
533 Funk Masters It's Over ZR 02.02.08Freak
534 Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove ZR 11.05.2006
535 G'Race Manhattan S02R03
536 Gang Of Four To Hell With Poverty ZR 23.05.2006
537 Gänsehaut Karl Der Käfer S05R02
538 Gap Band Big Fun S05R07
539 Gap Band Oops Upside Your Head S04R07
540 Gap Band Outstanding S01R03
541 Gary Low La Colegiala S10R02
542 Garland Jeffreys Matador S06R06
543 Gary Moore Empty Rooms S09R01
544 Gary Moore Friday On My Mind S04R02
545 Gary Numan/Tubeway Army Are Friends Electric? S01R01
546 Gazebo Lunatic S01R06
547 Gazebo Masterpiece ZR 06/07
548 Gazebo Telephone Mama ZR 27.06.2007
549 Geier Sturzflug Pure Lust Am Leben S05R09
550 Generation X King Rocker ZW 17.12.07
551 Genesis Abacab S10R02
552 Genesis Tonight Tonight Tonight S02R07
553 Genesis Turn It On Again S05R01
554 George Baker Selection Little Green Bag ZR 04.07.2007Freak
555 George Baker Selection Santa Lucia By Night S05R11
556 George Benson 20/20 S06R01
557 George Benson The Greatest Love Of All ZW 17.12.07
558 George Harrison Got My Mind Set On You ZR 02.02.08Freak
559 George Kranz Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz) S10R03
560 George Michael A Different Corner S08R01
561 George Michael Kissing A Fool S04R08
562 George Thorogood & The Destroyers Bad To The Bone S05R11
563 Gerard Joling No More Boleros S06R11
564 Gesundheit (Just For Laughs Players) Hatschi (Gesundheit/Recital) S01R05
565 Gianna Nannini Bello E Impossibile S01R12
566 Gianna Nannini Fotoromanza S04R11
567 Gianna Nannini Latin Lover S06R11
568 Gianna Nannini Latin Lover S08R04
569 Gino Vannelli Hurts To Be In Love ZR 02.02.08Freak
570 Gino Vannelli Wild Horses S08R03
571 Giorgio Moroder Featuring Paul Engemann Reach Out ZR 18.07.2007
572 Giorgio Moroder Featuring Paul Engemann Reach Out S08R02
573 Gitti Und Erica Angel Of Love S04R09
574 Glenn Frey The Heat Is On S01R01
575 GLS United Rapper's Deutsch S05R04
576 Golden Earring Twilight Zone S07R07
577 Goldfrapp A & E (Maps Remix) ZR 02.02.08Freak
578 Goldfrapp Ooh La La ZR 04.07.2007Freak
579 Gottlieb Wendehals Polonäse Blankenese ZR 06/07
580 Go West Call Me S03R03
581 Go West We Close Our Eyes S05R06
582 Grace Jones I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) S04R05
583 Grace Jones Slave To The Rhythm S01R16
584 Grace Jones Slave To The Rhythm S09R04
585 Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel White Lines S09R07
586 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five New York New York S09R07
587 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five The Message S01R09
588 Grauzone Träume Mit Mir S03R10
589 Greg Kihn Band Jeopardy S01R01
590 Greg Kihn Band Jeopardy WM-Quiz
591 Greg Kihn Band The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em) S09R09
592 Grobschnitt Mary Green S05R07
593 Guesch Patti Let Be Must The Queen S01R04
594 Guns 'N' Roses Patience S06R08
595 Gewn Guthrie Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent ZR 27.06.2007
596 H2O I Dream To Sleep S06R05
597 Haindling Paula S10R01
598 Haircut 100 Favourite Shirts S04R08
599 Hakan Lidbo What Is Love S03R01
600 Hammond & West Air Disaster S05R10
601 Haysi Fantayzee John Wayne Is Big Leggy S04R05
602 Haysi Fantayzee John Wayne Is Big Leggy S09R08
603 Haywoode I Can't Let You Go S09R08
604 Hazell Dean Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) S05R05
605 Heart Alone S04R08
606 Heart Never S09R09
607 Heart These Dreams S07R02
608 Heaven 17 Contenders S05R01
609 Heaven 17 I'm Your Money (Special Fortified Dance Mix) ZR 22.05.2006
610 Heaven 17 Let Me Go S09R09
611 Heaven 17 Play To Win S03R11
612 Heaven 17 Temptation S06R03
613 Heaven 17 Trouble S03R09
614 Heinz Rudolf Kunze Mit Leib Und Seele S02R12
615 Heinz Rudolf Kunze Sicherheitsdienst S05R12
616 Helen Schneider Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy S04R05
617 Herbert Grönemeyer Für Dich Da S09R04
618 Herbert Grönemeyer Mit Gott S04R11
619 Herbert Grönemeyer Musik Nur Wenn Sie Laut Ist S04R06
620 Herbert Grönemeyer Vollmond S05R04
621 Herbie Hancock Autodrive S08R09
622 Herbie Hancock Rockit S01R19
623 Herwig Mitteregger Immer Mehr S08R05
624 Herwig Mitteregger Rudi S02R02
625 Hollywood Beyond What's The Colour Of Money S06R01
626 Hongkong Syndikat Girls I Love S06R05
627 Hongkong Syndikat No More Sorrow S09R03
628 Hooters 500 Miles S03R03
629 Hooters Karla With A K S02R12
630 Hot Chocolate Never Pretend S05R09
631 Hot Chocolate No Doubt About It S07R07
632 Housemartins Five Get Over Excited S01R09
633 Housemaster Boyz & The Rude Boy Of House House Nation S02R07
634 House Of Love Beatles & The Stones ZR 02.02.08Freak
635 House Of Love Shine On S04R03
636 Howard Jones All I Want S08R12
637 Howard Jones Hide And Seek S04R12
638 Howard Jones New Song S02R10
639 Howard Jones What Is Love S05R01
640 Hubert Kah Engel 07 S05R05
641 Hubert Kah Goldene Zeiten S03R06
642 Hubert Kah Midnight Sun S03R02
643 Hubert Kah Rosemarie S03R04
644 Hubert Kah Something I Should Know S07R08
645 Hubert Kah Sternenhimmel S09R09
646 Hubert Kah Wenn Der Mond Die Sonne Berührt S04R02
647 Huey Lewis & The News The Power Of Love S07R10
648 Hugh Masekela Don't Go Lose It Baby S03R06
649 Human League Being Boiled S01R16
650 Human League Don't You Want Me S04R06
651 Human League Seconds S09R06
652 Human League The Lebanon S06R03
653 Humpe & Humpe Geschrien Im Schlaf S07R07
654 Hypnosis Droid S08R09
655 Hypnosis Pulstar S01R02
656 Ian & The Zodiacs Get Out Of My Life, Woman S03R12
657 Ian Dury & The Blockheads Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick ZR 22.05.2006
658 Ice MC Easy S06R08
659 Icehouse Electric Blue S09R01
660 Icehouse Hey Little Girl S05R11
661 Icehouse No Promises S09R08
662 Ideal Berlin S01R20
663 Ideal Blaue Augen S04R03
664 If Jealousy Scheulmix 31.05.06
665 Iggy Pop Cry For Love S03R02
666 Imagination Flashback S01R03
667 Imagination Just An Illusion S03R09
668 Immortals The Ultimate Warlord S08R07
669 Ina Deter Band Neue Männer Braucht Das Land S05R12
670 Incredible T. H. Scratchers Starring Freddy Love Hip-Hop-Bommi-Bop S01R18
671 Indeep When Boys Talk S01R03
672 Industry State Of The Nation S05R08
673 Inga + Anete Humpe No Longer Friends S08R07
674 Inner City Good Life S09R07
675 Innocence Natural Thing (Elevation) ZR 02.02.08Freak
676 Invincible Spirit Push S01R21
677 INXS Need You Tonight S01R01
678 INXS Never Tear Us Apart S08R10
679 INXS Original Sin S02R12
680 INXS Suicide Blonde S09R08
681 Irene Cara Fame S01R14
682 Irene Cara Flashdance (What A Feeling) S04R08
683 Irene Cara Why Me S10R03
684 Iron Maiden Run To The Hills S09R11
685 It's Immaterial Driving Away From Home S05R11
686 Ivan Fotonovela S01R19
687 Ixi Der Knutschfleck S03R04
688 Jack Goldbird Can I Reach You ZW 17.12.07
689 Jacksons State Of Shock S03R02
690 Jam Start S05R09
691 Jam Town Called Malice S07R03
692 Jam & Spoon Featuring Plavka Right In The Night ZR 04.07.2007
693 Jan Hammer Crockett's Theme S01R14
694 Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg Je T'aime (Moi Non Plus) S03R12
695 Jane Wiedlin Rush Hour S07R09
696 Janet Jackson Let's Wait Awhile S09R02
697 Janet Jackson Miss You Much S03R08
698 Japan Ain't That Peculiar ZR 23.05.2006
699 Japan Live In Tokyo ZW 17.12.07
700 Jean Beauvoir Feel The Heat S05R10
701 Jean-Jacques Goldman Je Te Donne S04R08
702 Jennifer Rush Heart Over Mind S08R11
703 Jennifer Rush The Power Of Love S09R05
704 Jeremy Days Brand New Toy S09R07
705 Jermaine Stewart We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off S05R11
706 Jeronimo Heya S03R12
707 Jesus & Mary Chain April Skies S03R02
708 Jesus & Mary Chain You Trip Me Up S01R03
709 Jethro Tull Steel Monkey S08R03
710 Jets You Got It All S03R08
711 Jim Steinman Lost Boys And Golden Girls S05R04
712 Jim Steinman Stark Raving Love S06R07
713 Joachim Witt Goldener Reiter S07R10
714 Joachim Witt Kosmetik S08R02
715 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Crimson & Clover S06R01
716 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts I Love Rock 'n' Roll S01R06
717 Joboxers Just Got Lucky S06R08
718 Jody Watley Don't You Want Me Scheulmix 31.05.06
719 Joe Bataan Rap-O Clap-O S01R05
720 Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes Up Where We Belong S10R01
721 Joe Dolce Shaddap You Face S08R06
722 Joe Jackson Steppin' Out S07R11
723 Joe Smooth Promised Land S01R19
724 Joelle Ursull White And Black Blues S09R11
725 Johan Timman Hearing (Ocean Of Sound) S08R07
726 John Carpenter The End ZR 27.06.2007
727 John Cougar Jack & Diane S08R07
728 John Cougar Mellencamp R.O.C.K. In The USA ZR 27.06.2007
729 John F & Die Gropiuslerchen Berlin Berlin S08R12
730 John Farnham Pressure Down S08R02
731 John Foxx Europe After The Rain ZR 04.07.2007Freak
732 John Lennon Nobody Told Me S01R10
733 John Miles Music ZR 27.06.2007Freak
734 John Paul Young Love Is In The Air ZR 27.06.2007Freak
735 John Waite Missing You S09R10
736 Johnny Hates Jazz Don't Say It's Love S09R08
737 Johnny Hates Jazz I Don't Want To Be A Hero S05R11
738 Johnny Hates Jazz Shattered Dreams S05R02
739 Johnny Logan What's Another Year S09R07
740 Johnny O Fantasy Girl S03R06
741 Jon & Vangelis I'll Find My Way Home S09R08
742 Jon Anderson Surrender S02R11
743 Jonathan Butler Lies ZR 02.02.08Freak
744 Journey Separate Ways S04R01
745 Joy Touch By Touch S01R20
746 Joy Division Atmosphere S07R11
747 Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart S01R21
748 Joyce Sims Come Into My Life S01R16
749 Judas Priest Turbo Lover S05R07
750 Jürgen Renfordt Für Immer S04R09
751 Juliane Werding Stimmen Im Wind S06R12
752 K.C. & The Sunshine Band Give It Up WM-Quiz
753 K.C. & The Sunshine Band That's The Way (I Like It) ZR 70er
754 Kajagoogoo Ooh To Be Ah S05R10
755 Kajagoogoo Too Shy S09R09
756 Kajagoogoo Too Shy S09R10
757 Kano Another Life WM-Quiz
758 Kaoma Lambada S01R14
759 Karat Der Blaue Planet S01R12
760 Karat Der Blaue Planet S03R09
761 Karel Fialka Hey Matthew S02R04
762 Karla de Vito We Are Not Alone S03R05
763 Kate Bush Babooshka S07R13
764 Kate Bush Experiment IV S06R08
765 Kate Bush Hello Earth ZR 22.05.2006
766 Kate Bush Running Up That Hill S05R06
767 Kate Yanai Bacardi Feeling (Summer Dreaming) ZR 18.07.2007
768 Katie Melua Nine Million Bicycles ZR 04.07.2007Freak
769 Katrina & The Waves Sun Street S01R20
770 Katrina & The Waves Walking On Sunshine S03R13
771 Keimzeit Kintopp Ostrock-ZR
772 Kelly Family David's Song S07R13
773 Kelly Marie Loving Just For Fun S05R07
774 Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy S08R01
775 Kenny The Bump ZR 11.05.2006
776 Kenny Loggins Footloose S02R09
777 Kenny Loggins Vox Humana S02R12
778 Kenny Masters SOS – Fire In The Heart S06R04
779 Killing Joke Love Like Blood S01R09
780 Kim Merz Saumäßig Stark S10R03
781 Kim Wilde Chequered Love S05R11
782 Kim Wilde Chequered Love S08R06
783 Kim Wilde Child Come Away S06R06
784 Kim Wilde Kids In America S09R09
785 Kim Wilde The Second Time S01R18
786 King Love & Pride S07R03
787 King Britt Presents Sylk 130 Last Night A DJ Saved My Life S03R01
788 KIZ Die Sennerin Vom Königssee S01R01
789 Klaus Densow So Ein Mädchen Wie Du S04R09
790 Klaus Doldinger Das Boot S07R06
791 Klaus Lage Band Monopoli S06R06
792 Kleeer Taste The Music ZR 22.05.2006
793 KLF Kylie Said To Jason S02R01
794 KlF What Time Is Love S07R12
795 Knack My Sharona S08R02
796 Kon Kan I Beg Your Pardon S04R05
797 Kool & The Gang Fresh (Cool Mix) WM-Quiz
798 Kool & The Gang Fresh (Remix) S03R06
799 Korgis Don't Look Back ZR 02.02.08Freak
800 Korgis Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime S07R11
801 Korgis Rovers Return ZR 25.07.2007
802 Kraftwerk Das Model S02R10
803 Kraftwerk Das Model S07R06
804 Kraftwerk Tour De France ZR 06/07
805 K-Ram Ménage À Trois ZR 06/07
806 Krush House Arrest S08R03
807 Kurtis Blow The Breaks ZR 25.07.2007
808 LaBelle Lady Marmelade (Voulez Vouz Coucher Avec Moi) ZR 11.05.2006
809 Laid Back Sunshine Reggae S01R11
810 Laid Back White Horse S01R05
811 Lake More Than A Feeling S01R04
812 Landscape Einstein A Go-Go S03R11
813 Latin Quarter Modern Times S05R06
814 Latin Quarter Radio Africa S01R11
815 Laura Branigan Spanish Eddie S07R05
816 Laurie Anderson O Superman S01R11
817 Le Club Un Fait Divers Et Rien De Plus S04R12
818 Lee Marrow Shanghai S04R06
819 Lene Lovich Lucky Number S04R01
820 Leonard Cohen First We Take Manhattan S05R03
821 Les Enfants Slipaway S01R10
822 Les Immer Essen Hand Take S04R10
823 Les Rita Mitsouko C'est Comme Ca S04R11
824 Level 42 Turn It On S05R01
825 Liaisons Dangereuses Los Niños Del Parque ZR 22.05.2006
826 Lian Ross Fantasy S06R09
827 Lil Louis French Kiss S01R16
828 Lili & Sussie Candy Love S05R08
829 Limahl Only For Love S07R05
830 Limahl The Never Ending Story (US Club Mix) ZR 02.02.08Freak
831 Limahl Too Much Trouble ZR 25.07.2007
832 Lime Guilty S06R10
833 Lindsey Buckingham Trouble S03R10
834 Linton Kwesi Johnson Inglan Is A Bitch ZR 18.07.2007
835 Lio Amoureux Solitaires S04R05
836 Lionel Richie Hello S05R02
837 Lipps Inc. Funkytown S01R16
838 Lipps Inc. Funkytown WM-Quiz
839 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Head To Toe S07R02
840 Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul Until The Good Is Done S02R08
841 Liverbirds Loop The Loop S03R12
842 Living In A Box Gatecrashing S07R08
843 Living In A Box Living In A Box S04R01
844 LL Cool J I Need Love S08R07
845 Lloyd Cole & The Commotions Rattlesnakes S07R08
846 London Aircraaft Love Machine S04R04
847 London Boys London Nights ZR 25.07.2007
848 Loose Ends Hangin' On A String S07R08
849 Los Bravos Black Is Black S03R12
850 Lotus Eaters The First Picture Of You (12“ Version) S05R08
851 Loverboy Turn Me Lose S03R08
852 L-Vira Talking 'bout Rambo S07R09
853 Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran Rock Bottom ZR 70er
854 Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama ZR 70er
855 M Pop Muzik ZR 18.07.2007
856 M Pop Muzik S09R11
857 M&M Black Stations/White Stations S04R12
858 Mac Thornhill Mix It Up Scheulmix 31.05.06
859 Mac Thornhill Who's Gonna Ease The Pressure S04R04
860 Madness Baggy Trousers S01R21
861 Madness Cardiac Arrest S09R12
862 Madness It Must Be Love S06R03
863 Madness Night Boat To Cairo ZR 25.07.2007
864 Madness Our House S06R10
865 Madonna Everybody ZR 06/07
866 Madonna Holiday S07R09
867 Madonna Live To Tell ZR 05/06
868 Madonna Material Girl S03R09
869 Madonna Ray Of Light ZR 04.07.2007
870 Madonna Supernatural S02R01
871 Mai Tai History S03R11
872 Malcolm McLaren Double Dutch S06R04
873 Mandy Winter Julian ZR 05/06
874 Mandy Winter Julian S07R13
875 Manfred Krug Komm Und Spiel Mit Mir ZR 18.07.2007
876 Manfred Mann's Earthband For You S01R04
877 Mantronix Got To Have Your Love S05R09
878 Marc Cohn Walking In Memphis ZR 04.07.2007Freak
879 Marshall Hain Dancing In The City S09R10
880 Maria Vidal Body Rock S02R09
881 Marianne Faithfull Broken English S01R04
882 Marianne Faithfull The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan S06R12
883 Marietta Fire & Ice S01R18
884 Marillion Kayleigh S04R07
885 Marillion Lavender S04R01
886 Marius Müller Westernhagen Nimm Mich Mit S08R04
887 Mark Knopfler Going Home: Theme Of The Local Hero S09R04
888 Mark Stewart Fatal Attraction S02R01
889 Marrs Pump Up The Volume S01R16
890 Marsha Raven Catch Me S07R07
891 Martha & The Muffins Echo Beach S01R08
892 Martine Girault Revival ZR 02.02.08Freak
893 Martinelli Cenerentola (Remix) S01R07
894 Matchbox Rockabilly Rebel S04R05
895 Matt Bianco Half A Minute S09R09
896 Matt Dusk Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad ZR 02.02.08Freak
897 Matthew Wilder Break My Stride S05R10
898 Maurice This Is Acid S09R08
899 Max Werner Rain In May S02R11
900 Max Werner Roadrunner S01R10
901 Mazzy Star Fade Into You ZR 04.07.2007Freak
902 MC 900 Ft. Jesus The City Sleeps ZR 04.07.2007Freak
903 MC Miker G & Deejay Sven And The Bite Goes On ZR 25.07.2007
904 Meat Loaf Modern Girl S05R05
905 Meat Loaf Nowhere Fast S07R12
906 Mecano Hijo De La Luna S08R05
907 Mel & Kim From A Whisper To A Scream S09R06
908 Mel Brooks To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap) S09R10
909 Melissa Etheridge Like The Way I Do S01R18
910 Melissa Manchester You Should Hear How She Talks S06R07
911 Men At Work Down Under S09R05
912 Men At Work Overkill S08R03
913 Men At Work Who Can It Be Now S06R03
914 Men They Couldn't Hang Iron Masters S04R03
915 Men Without Hats The Safety Dance S02R02
916 Men Without Hats The Safety Dance S04R11
917 Mezzoforte Garden Party S07R10
918 Miami Sound Machine Conga S05R04
919 Miami Sound Machine Dr. Beat S05R05
920 Michael Cretu Samurai S08R08
921 Michael Cretu Total Normal S04R06
922 Michael Cretu Zeitlose Reise S02R07
923 Michael Jackson Billie Jean ZR 18.07.2007
924 Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal S06R02
925 Michael Jackson Thriller S02R09
926 Michael Sembello Maniac S04R04
927 Michelle Pfeiffer (Dave Grusin) Making Whopee S03R05
928 Mick Jagger Let's Work S06R07
929 Mick Jagger Lucky In Love S10R03
930 Midge Ure If I Was S04R06
931 Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning S07R01
932 Midnight Oil Dead Heart S03R09
933 Midnight Star Operator ZR 25.07.2007
934 Mike & The Mechanics All I Need Is A Miracle S01R20
935 Mike & The Mechanics Silent Running S09R01
936 Mike Oldfield Crime Of Passion S02R12
937 Mike Oldfield Five Miles Out S09R03
938 Mike Oldfield Foreign Affair S09R01
939 Mike Oldfield Innocent S09R07
940 Mike Oldfield Shadow On The Wall S05R04
941 Mike Oldfield Shine S07R05
942 Mina Heisser Sand S03R12
943 Ministry All Day (Remix) ZR 23.05.2006
944 Mink DeVille Each Word's A Beat Of My Heart S05R01
945 Miquel Brown So Many Men, So Little Time S07R07
946 Missing Persons Destination Unknown ZR 06/07
947 Mission Tower Of Strength S07R08
948 Mission Wasteland S10R02
949 Mixed Emotions You Want Love S05R01
950 Miko Mission How Old Are You S08R07
951 MKK Das Geht Vorbei S02R06
952 Mobiles Drowning In Berlin ZR 22.05.2006
953 Modern Romance Best Years Of Our Lives S02R03
954 Modern Talking Atlantis Is Calling S04R08
955 Modern Talking Cherie Cherie Lady S08R01
956 Montana Sextet Who Needs Enemies S01R11
957 Mood Mosaic A Touch Of Velvet – A Sting Of Brass ZR 04.07.2007Freak
958 Morgenrot Ca Va S02R07
959 Morris Minor & The Majors Stutter Rap S05R11
960 Moskwa TV Generator 7/8 S08R12
961 Motels Footsteps S10R01
962 Motors Airport ZR 70er
963 Mr. Flagio Take A Chance S01R19
964 Mr. Freaky Out Of My Mind S01R07
965 Münchener Freiheit Herzschlag Ist Der Takt S05R05
966 Münchener Freiheit Ohne Dich (Schlaf Ich Heut' Nacht Nicht Ein) ZR 18.07.2007
967 Murray Head One Night In Bangkok S03R13
968 Musical Youth Pass The Dutchie S07R05
969 Mylene Farmer Libertine S04R07
970 Mylene Farmer Sans Contrefaçon S02R01
971 Mysterious Art The Omen (Ska House Vocal Mix) S01R07
972 Naked Eyes Always Something There To Remind Me S02R10
973 Natalie Cole Miss You Like Crazy S08R11
974 Nazareth Hit The Fan S04R11
975 Nelly Furtado All Good Things (Come To An End) ZR 02.02.08Freak
976 Nena Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann S02R12
977 Nena Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann S03R04
978 Nena La Vie C'est La Chance S01R17
979 Nena Rette Mich S01R02
980 Nena Rette Mich S06R06
981 Nena & Markus Kleine Taschenlampe Brenn' S09R07
982 Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance S01R18
983 Neue Heimat Ich Bau Dir Ein Schloss S08R10
984 New Kids On The Block Hangin' Tough S07R02
985 New Kids On The Block Step By Step S01R17
986 New Model Army Vagabonds S01R21
987 New Musik Living By Numbers S06R12
988 New Order Blue Monday S03R07
989 New Order Confusion S06R05
990 New Order The Perfect Kiss S01R07
991 New Order True Faith S03R09
992 Nichts Radio S01R17
993 Nichts Tango 2000 S02R06
994 Nick Straker Band A Walk In The Park ZW 17.12.07
995 Nickerbocker & Biene Hallo Klaus S07R12
996 Nicki Wegen Dir S06R11
997 Nicki Wenn D' Sehnsucht Brennt S01R17
998 Nik Kershaw I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me S04R06
999 Nik Kershaw Wouldn't It Be Good S02R09
1000 Nik Kershaw Wouldn't It Be Good (Simon Boswell Mix) S06R12
1001 Niko Am Weißen Strand Von Helgoland S03R04
1002 Nina Hagen Du Hast Den Farbfilm Vergessen ZW 17.12.07
1003 Nina Hagen Zarah (Ich Weiß Es Wird Einmal Ein Wunder Gescheh'n) S06R07
1004 Nits In The Dutch Mountains S03R10
1005 Nolans Attention To Me S10R03
1006 Nonex Smells Like Teen Spirit S03R01
1007 Numarx Girl You Know It's True S06R07
1008 Nu Shooz I Can't Wait S02R03
1009 Nu Shooz Point Of No Return S06R05
1010 N.W.A. The Dayz Of Wayback ZR 18.07.2007
1011 Odyssey Going Back To My Roots S06R12
1012 Odyssey Use It Up And Wear It Out S07R01
1013 O.K. Okay S01R08
1014 Olivia Newton-John/Electric Light Orchestra Xanadu S06R11
1015 OMD (Forever) Live And Die ZR 25.07.2007
1016 OMD Call My Name ZR 04.07.2007
1017 OMD Dreaming S06R08
1018 OMD Enola Gay S01R12
1019 OMD Joan Of Arc S05R03
1020 OMD Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans) S02R11
1021 OMD Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans) S08R04
1022 OMD Locomotion S04R11
1023 OMD Souvenir (Ext.) S05R02
1024 OMD Talking Loud And Clear (12“ Version) S05R08
1025 OMD Telegraph S08R02
1026 Oran "Juice" Jones The Rain S02R04
1027 Orlando Riva Sound Fire On The Water S02R10
1028 Ottawan D.I.S.C.O. ZR 06/07
1029 Ottawan D.I.S.C.O. ZW 17.12.07
1030 Ottawan Hands Up S05R02
1031 Ottomix + P.K. Siegel Baby On Fire S08R07
1032 Outfield Voices Of Babylon S02R02
1033 Out Of The Ordinary Play It Again (Los Niños Mix) (Remix) S01R11
1034 Pale Fountains Palm Of My Hand S03R09
1035 Pankow Rock 'N' Roll Im Stadtpark Ostrock-ZR
1036 Panther Rex Goodbye My Love S04R10
1037 Paolo Conte Via Con Me S08R06
1038 Passage Taboos ZR 23.05.2006
1039 Pat Metheny Group/David Bowie This Is Not America S08R11
1040 Patrick Bruel Place Des Grands Hommes S02R08
1041 Patrick Cowley Menergy S01R11
1042 Patti LaBelle Stir It Up S09R08
1043 Patto Black And White S06R02
1044 Paul Hardcastle 19 S03R07
1045 Paul Hardcastle 19 S07R13
1046 Paul Hardcastle Just For Money S01R03
1047 Paul McCartney Pipes Of Peace S07R02
1048 Paul Simon Graceland S04R08
1049 Paul Young Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home) S03R05
1050 Paula Abdul Opposites Attract S10R01
1051 Perl Zeit Die Nie Vergeht Ostrock-ZR
1052 Pet Shop Boys It's A Sin S01R20
1053 Pet Shop Boys It's A Sin (Remix) S01R07
1054 Pet Shop Boys Opportinities Scheulmix 31.05.06
1055 Pet Shop Boys Tonight Is Forever Scheulmix 31.05.06
1056 Pete Townshend Face The Face S05R08
1057 Peter Alexander Die Kleine Kneipe ZR 18.07.2007
1058 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer S01R11
1059 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer (Remix) S02R01
1060 Peter Schilling Die Wüste Lebt S06R02
1061 Peter Schilling Ich Vermisse Dich S04R08
1062 Peter Schilling Major Tom S03R04
1063 Peter Tosh Johnny B. Goode S04R01
1064 Petra Frey Liebst Du Mich S04R09
1065 Phil Carmen On My Way In L.A. S05R05
1066 Phil Collins Take Me Home S07R05
1067 Phil Everly & Cliff Richard She Means Nothing To Me S10R02
1068 Philip Bailey & Phil Collins Easy Lover S04R12
1069 Philip Boa & The Voodooclub Container Love S01R20
1070 Philip Lynott Old Town S03R10
1071 Pierre Cosso Face Your Life S06R02
1072 Pierre Cosso & Bonnie Bianco Stay ZR 18.07.2007
1073 Pigbag Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag (Elektrofunk Vers.) S06R04
1074 Pilot Magic ZR 11.05.2006
1075 Pilot Magic ZW 17.12.07
1076 Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall Part II S07R13
1077 Plan Gummitwist S05R07
1078 Planet Patrol Cheap Thrills S02R07
1079 Player Baby Come Back ZW 17.12.07
1080 Pogues Dirty Old Town S05R03
1081 Pointer Sisters Dare Me S09R06
1082 Police Don't Stand So Close To Me S07R02
1083 Police Invisible Sun S03R03
1084 Police Message In A Bottle S08R02
1085 Prefab Sprout The King Of Rock 'N 'Roll S07R13
1086 Prefab Sprout When Love Breaks Down S08R01
1087 Pretenders Don't Get Me Wrong S07R10
1088 Primitives Crash S01R09
1089 Prince I Would Die 4 U S06R01
1090 Prince Raspberry Beret S03R08
1091 Prince Sign O' The Times S01R08
1092 Prince When Doves Cry S08R02
1093 Proclaimers I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) S03R03
1094 Procol Harum A Whiter Shade Of Pale ZR 04.07.2007Freak
1095 Profil Ich Liebe Dich S01R08
1096 Profil So Kühl S07R12
1097 Propaganda Dr. Mabuse ZR 22.05.2006
1098 Propaganda P:Machinery (Polish) S08R05
1099 Psychedelic Furs Heaven S06R03
1100 Psychedelic Furs Pretty In Pink S03R05
1101 Public Enemy Don't Believe The Hype S02R05
1102 Puhdys Ich Will Nicht Vergessen S06R06
1103 Pupo Su Di Noi S01R15
1104 Purple Schulz Kleine Seen S01R10
1105 Purple Schulz Verliebte Jungs S05R04
1106 Purple Schulz Und Die Neue Heimat Sehnsucht S05R05
1107 Queen I Want To Break Free S08R01
1108 Queen Who Wants To Live Forever S04R07
1109 Queen & David Bowie Under Pressure S07R07
1110 Question Mark & The Mysterians 96 Tears S03R12
1111 Quincy Jones Ai No Corrida S04R01
1112 R. Bais Dial My Number S04R04
1113 R.E.M. It's The End Of The World As We Know It S03R07
1114 Rah Band Clouds Across The Moon S02R09
1115 Rainbirds Blueprint S08R11
1116 Rainhard Fendrich Tango Korrupti S06R11
1117 Randy Crawford Almaz S09R01
1118 Ready For The World Oh Sheila S01R05
1119 Real Life Catch Me I'm Falling S04R10
1120 Real Life Send Me An Angel S06R11
1121 Rebop Schau Mir In D' Aug'n S04R09
1122 Red Box Chenko (Tenko Io) S09R05
1123 Red Box For America S07R04
1124 Reflex The Politics Of Dancing S08R12
1125 Relax Weil I Di Mog S09R11
1126 Reneé & Renato Save Your Love S04R01
1127 REO Speedwagon Can't Fight This Feeling S07R02
1128 Revolting Cocks Attack Ships On Fire ZR 23.05.2006
1129 Rheingold FanFanFanatisch S09R03
1130 Richard Sanderson Reality ZR 18.07.2007
1131 Rick Springfield Jessie's Girl S08R10
1132 Rick Springfield Love Somebody S02R10
1133 Rio Reiser Junimond ZR 27.06.2007
1134 Rio Reiser König Von Deutschland S05R03
1135 RMB Redemption ZR 04.07.2007
1136 Roachford Cuddly Toy S06R10
1137 Rob 'N Raz feat.Leila K Got To Get S05R12
1138 Robbie Robertson Somewhere Down The Crazy River ZR 06/07
1139 Robert Marlow The Face Of Dorian Gray S05R09
1140 Robert Palmer Addicted To Love S05R12
1141 Robert Palmer Johnny & Mary S03R13
1142 Robert Palmer Looking For Clues S02R05
1143 Robert Plant Big Log ZR 04.07.2007Freak
1144 Robert Schroeder Sky Walker Scheulmix 31.05.06
1145 Robert Schroeder Space Detective Scheulmix 31.05.06
1146 Robin Gibb Boys Do Fall In Love S07R05
1147 Robin Beck First Time S03R13
1148 Robin Gibb Juliet S01R08
1149 Rockets Some Other Time, Some Other Place S07R09
1150 Rock Steady Crew (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew S01R12
1151 Rockhaus Gefühle Ostrock-ZR
1152 Rockwell Somebody's Watching Me S01R10
1153 Rod Stewart Infatuation (12" Mix) S02R03
1154 Rod Stewart Passion S07R07
1155 Rodgau Monotones Die Hesse Komme! S02R08
1156 Rodgau Monotones Is' Nur Kino S04R07
1157 Rofo Rofo's Theme WM-Quiz
1158 Roger Chapman & The Shortlist Shadow On The Wall S07R06
1159 Roger Daltrey Without Your Love ZR 02.02.08Freak
1160 Roger Whittaker Wenn Es Dich Noch Gibt S04R07
1161 Roland Kaiser Die Gefühle Sind Frei S06R09
1162 Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue S06R09
1163 Rolling Stones Start Me Up S01R05
1164 Romanelli Connecting Flight S09R05
1165 Romantics Talking In Your Sleep S02R03
1166 Romantics Talking In Your Sleep S09R04
1167 Rosalili Rosalili Ostrock-ZR
1168 Rose Laurens Africa WM-Quiz
1169 Rose Royce Car Wash ZR 11.05.2006
1170 Rose Tattoo Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw ZW 17.12.07
1171 Roten Rosen Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu Strandbikini S02R08
1172 Roxette Fading Like A Flower ZR 04.07.2007
1173 Roxette Joyride (Live) S01R02
1174 Roxy Music Oh Yeah S05R06
1175 Roy Orbison She's A Mystery To Me S03R10
1176 Rubettes Tonight ZW 17.12.07
1177 Rufus & Chaka Khan Ain't Nobody 2005/19
1178 Rufus Wainwright Going To A Town ZR 02.02.08Freak
1179 Run DMC Ghostbusters S03R05
1180 Run DMC Walk This Way S06R09
1181 Rupert Holmes Escape (The Pina Colada Song) S03R03
1182 Rush Spirit Of Radio S08R05
1183 Rutles Cheese And Onions S03R05
1184 Ryan Paris Dolce Vita WM-Quiz
1185 Ryan Paris Dolce Vita S08R07
1186 Sade Smooth Operator S09R02
1187 Saga Wind Him Up S01R20
1188 Saint Etienne Hobart Paving ZR 27.06.2007Freak
1189 Salt 'n' Pepa Push It S01R16
1190 Salt 'n' Pepa Push It S03R07
1191 Salt 'n' Pepa Push It S04R04
1192 Sam Brown Stop S07R10
1193 Sam Cooke Wonderful World S08R11
1194 Samantha Fox Hold On Tight S07R07
1195 Sandra Everlasting Love S03R06
1196 Sandra Little Girl S02R12
1197 Sandy Marton People From Ibiza S02R04
1198 Saphir I'm Alive S03R02
1199 Sarah Brightman & Steve Harley Phantom Of The Opera ZR 06/07
1200 Sarah McLachlan Steaming S05R08
1201 Sash Ecuador ZR 04.07.2007
1202 Savage Time S09R06
1203 Savage Garden To The Moon And Back ZR 04.07.2007
1204 Savage Progress Burning Bush S06R05
1205 Schooly D P.S.K. (What Does It Mean) ZR 23.05.2006
1206 Scorpions Believe In Love S01R15
1207 Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane S03R03
1208 Scorpions Still Loving You S07R06
1209 Scotch Delirio Mind S05R09
1210 Scotch Disco Band S04R06
1211 Scotch Take Me Up S02R07
1212 Scritti Politti Wood Beez ZR 23.05.2006
1213 Secret Service Oh Susie ZR 05/06
1214 Secret Service Flash In The Night S09R05
1215 Seduction Two To Make It Right S03R08
1216 Selecter Three Minute Hero S02R05
1217 Sensitive Driving S06R04
1218 Sensus Sensus S07R11
1219 Shakatak Down On The Street S01R01
1220 Shakatak Mr. Manic & Sister Cool S05R10
1221 Shakatak Night Birds S09R06
1222 Shakatak Turn The Music Up S02R08
1223 Shakin Stevens Que Sera Sera S01R17
1224 Shannon Give Me Tonight S09R12
1225 Shannon Let The Music Play S03R11
1226 Shannon Sweet Somebody S09R06
1227 Sheena Easton Modern Girl ZR 25.07.2007
1228 Sheila B. Devotion Spacer S06R02
1229 Sheila B. Devotion Spacer S07R13
1230 Sheila E. The Glamorous Life S05R04
1231 Shorts Comment Ca Va S08R10
1232 Sideway Look Knowing You From Today S09R05
1233 Sigmund Und Seine Freunde Erdbeermund S05R10
1234 Sigue Sigue Sputnik 21st Century Boy S09R04
1235 Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love Missile F1-11 2005/21
1236 Silly Die Wilde Mathilde Ostrock-ZR
1237 Simple Minds Don't You (Forget About Me) S09R02
1238 Simple Minds Belfast Child S07R01
1239 Sinéad O'Connor Troy S08R05
1240 Siouxsie & The Banshees Arabian Knights S08R01
1241 Siouxsie & The Banshees Into The Light S04R03
1242 Sister Sledge All American Girls S07R09
1243 Sister Sledge Lost In Music S01R16
1244 Sisters Of Mercy Marian S01R21
1245 Sisters Of Mercy More S06R03
1246 Sisters Of Mercy This Corrosion S04R02
1247 Sky Toccata S03R03
1248 Sky Toccata S07R13
1249 Slade My Oh My S01R02
1250 Sly Fox Let's Go All The Way S04R01
1251 Smiths How Soon Is Now ZR 02.02.08Freak
1252 Smiths Sheila Take A Bow S05R04
1253 Smiths This Charming Man S08R06
1254 Smiths What A Difference Does It Make S06R09
1255 Smoke City Underwater Love ZR 04.07.2007
1256 Snap Featuring Rukmani Rame ZR 04.07.2007
1257 Soft Cell Bedsitter (12“) S07R01
1258 Soft Cell Insecure Me (12“) S06R12
1259 Soft Cell Say Hello Wave Goodbye S04R03
1260 Soft Cell Torch S05R07
1261 Soft Cell Torch S06R12
1262 Solid Strangers Music In The Night S04R04
1263 S.O.S. Band Just Be Good To Me S08R06
1264 Soulsister The Way To Your Heart S02R09
1265 Space Monkey Can't Stop Running S08R05
1266 Spandau Ballet Communication S06R08
1267 Spandau Ballet Freeze S09R12
1268 Spandau Ballet Through The Barricades S09R02
1269 Spandau Ballet True S05R03
1270 Spargo Just For You S10R03
1271 Sparks When Do I Get To Sing „My Way“ ZR 04.07.2007
1272 Specials Ghost Town S04R03
1273 Spider Murphy Gang Ich Schau' Dich An S09R07
1274 Spider Murphy Gang Skandal Im Sperrbezirk S03R04
1275 Spliff Carbonara S01R12
1276 Spliff Das Blech S03R13
1277 Spliff Déjà Vu S08R02
1278 Spliff Disco-Kaine S07R07
1279 Spliff Radio S06R11
1280 Stacy Lattisaw Jump To The Beat S09R01
1281 Stahlnetz Vor All Den Jahren S01R13
1282 Stan Ridgway Camouflage S08R08
1283 Status Quo Ain't Complaining S02R02
1284 Status Quo Burning Bridges S06R09
1285 Status Quo Johnny & Mary S06R06
1286 Steely Dan Rikki, Don't Lose That Number ZR 11.05.2006
1287 Stefan Waggershausen Hallo Engel S01R12
1288 Steinwolke Katharine, Katharine S04R06
1289 Steinwolke Zugvögel S02R02
1290 Stephan & Nina Feuerwerk S02R12
1291 Stephan Remmler Keine Angst Hat Der Papa Mir Gesagt S06R06
1292 Steve Miller Band Abracadabra S01R17
1293 Steve Winwood Higher Love S09R08
1294 Steve Winwood Valerie S05R02
1295 Steve Winwood While You See A Chance ZR 06/07
1296 Stevie B Spring Love S07R08
1297 Stevie Wonder Master Blaster S02R05
1298 Stick Men Jampire ZR 23.05.2006
1299 Stina Nordenstam Purple Rain S03R01
1300 Sting Russians ZR 06/07
1301 Stone Roses Fools Gold ZR 04.07.2007Freak
1302 Strandjungs Heut' Nacht S04R09
1303 Stranglers Golden Brown S08R05
1304 Stranglers Midnight Summer Dream ZR 02.02.08Freak
1305 Stranglers Skin Deep S01R15
1306 Stranglers Strange Little Girl S08R01
1307 Straßenjungs Dauerlutscher (Live) S01R15
1308 Strawberry Switchblade Since Yesterday S01R11
1309 Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut S07R03
1310 STS Fürstenfeld S06R10
1311 Style Council Long Hot Summer ZR 06/07
1312 Style Council The Walls Come Tumbling Down S08R05
1313 Styx Boat On The River S09R03
1314 Sueño Latino Sueño Latino S04R12
1315 Supermax Lovemachine ZR 11.05.2006
1316 Supertramp Bloody Well Right ZR 70er
1317 Suzi Quatro I've Never Been In Love S07R12
1318 Suzi Quatro She's In Love With You S09R04
1319 Sweet Sensation Sad Sweet Dreamer ZR 11.05.2006
1320 Swing Out Sister You On My Mind S07R05
1321 Sydney Youngblood If Only I Could S10R03
1322 Tabu Allein Scheulmix 31.05.06
1323 Taffy I Love My Radio S02R09
1324 Talk Talk Happiness Is Easy S05R06
1325 Talk Talk I Believe In You ZR 06/07
1326 Talk Talk Talk Talk S02R02
1327 Talking Heads Burning Down The House S04R03
1328 Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime ZR 02.02.08Freak
1329 Talking Heads Slippery People S10R03
1330 Talking Heads Wild Wild Life S06R09
1331 Tanita Tikaram Twist In my Sobriety S05R06
1332 Tarracco Sultana S02R02
1333 Taylor Dayne Tell It To My Heart S07R06
1334 Teardrop Explodes Treason S08R01
1335 Tears For Fears Change 2005/19
1336 Tears For Fears Head Over Heels S09R09
1337 Tears For Fears Mad World S03R07
1338 Tears For Fears Mad World WM-Quiz
1339 Tears For Fears Pale Shelter S06R04
1340 Tears For Fears Sowing The Seeds Of Love S08R09
1341 Teens Give Me More S10R03
1342 Temptations Treat Her Like A Lady S06R04
1343 Tenpole Tudor Wunderbar ZR 25.07.2007
1344 The Lover Speaks No More „I Love You's“ ZR 04.07.2007Freak
1345 Thereza Bazar Gotcha! S04R04
1346 They Might Be Giants Istanbul (Not Constantinopel) S01R05
1347 Thinking Orange Don't Go To Parties In The Night S09R12
1348 Thinkman The Formula S05R08
1349 Third World Now That We Found Love (Paul Hardcastle Remix) S05R10
1350 This Mortal Coil Song To The Siren S07R11
1351 Thomas Dolby Hyperactive S02R05
1352 Thomas Dolby I Scare Myself S03R10
1353 Thomas Dolby One Of Our Submarines S05R06
1354 Thomas Dolby She Blinded Me With Science S07R03
1355 Thomas Dolby The Key To Her Ferrari S08R08
1356 Thompson Twins Hold Me Now S05R01
1357 Thompson Twins In The Name Of Love ZR 25.07.2007
1358 Thompson Twins Love On Your Side S03R11
1359 Thompson Twins You Take Me Up S01R08
1360 Tiffany I Think We're Alone Now S01R15
1361 Tight Fit The Lion Sleeps Tonight S08R04
1362 Timbuk 3 The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades S09R02
1363 Timelords Doctorin' The Tardis S07R02
1364 Time Zone Wild Style ZR 22.05.2006
1365 Timex Social Club Rumors S02R04
1366 Timmy Thomas Why Can't We Live Together ZW 17.12.07
1367 Tina Turner Private Dancer S08R10
1368 Tina Turner What You Get Is What You See S09R12
1369 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Don't Come Around Here No More S01R04
1370 Tom Robinson Listen To The Radio: Atmospherics S06R12
1371 Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood ZR 06/07
1372 Tone-Band Germany Calling S01R13
1373 Tone Loc Funky Cold Medina S01R16
1374 Tone Loc Wild Thing S06R03
1375 Tony Caso Dancing In Heaven S06R04
1376 Tony Esposito Kalimba De Luna S01R17
1377 Torfrock Beinhart S01R02
1378 Tornados Telstar ZR 04.07.2007Freak
1379 Toten Hosen Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder S07R04
1380 Toto Africa S07R09
1381 Toy Dolls Nellie The Elephant S03R13
1382 Tracy Ullman Breakaway ZR 02.02.08Freak
1383 Transvision Vamp Baby, I Don't Care S01R17
1384 Transvision Vamp I Want Your Love S09R03
1385 Traveling Wilburys Handle With Care S05R08
1386 T. Rex Hot Love ZW 17.12.07
1387 Tricky Black Steel S03R01
1388 Trio Herz Ist Trumpf (Dann Rufst Du An) S01R06
1389 Trio Herz Ist Trumpf (Dann Rufst Du An) S03R04
1390 Trio Immer Noch Einmal S06R09
1391 Trio Kummer S04R07
1392 Trio Los Paul S07R11
1393 Trio My Sweet Angel S03R05
1394 Trude Herr Niemals Geht Man So Ganz S03R10
1395 Tullio De Piscopo Stop Bajon S02R10
1396 Twins Love System S08R03
1397 Two Of Us Love Is So Sensible S04R02
1398 Two Of Us My Inner Voices S04R02
1399 TXT Cold As Ice S09R12
1400 TXT Girls Got A Brand New Toy S02R07
1401 U2 Angel Of Harlem S07R01
1402 U2 Bad ZR 02.02.08Freak
1403 U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday S08R10
1404 U2/B. B. King When Love Comes To Town S07R12
1405 U96 Love Religion ZR 04.07.2007
1406 UB 40 Red Red Wine S03R06
1407 Udo Jürgens Die Sonne Und Du S04R08
1408 Udo Jürgens Griechischer Wein ZR 18.07.2007
1409 Udo Jürgens Ich War Noch Niemals in New York S07R10
1410 Udo Lindenberg Die Klavierlehrerin ZR 04.07.2007Freak
1411 Udo Lindenberg Horizont S09R05
1412 Udo Lindenberg Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuß Auf Liebe Eingestellt ZR 18.07.2007
1413 Udo Lindenberg & Pascal Wozu Sind Kriege Da? S01R06
1414 UK Rendezvous 6.02 ZR 04.07.2007Freak
1415 UKW Sommersprossen S03R04
1416 Ulla Meinecke Die Tänzerin S02R03
1417 Ulla Meinecke Die Tänzerin S06R09
1418 Ultravox A Friend I Call Desire S07R06
1419 Ultravox All Stood Still S04R01
1420 Ultravox Astradyne S09R04
1421 Ultravox Lament S10R01
1422 Ultravox Love's Great Adventure S01R10
1423 Ultravox Quiet Men ZW 17.12.07
1424 Ultravox Same Old Story S06R06
1425 Ultravox Vienna S01R11
1426 United Balls Alles Prima In Lima S05R07
1427 United Balls Poto In Togo S08R09
1428 USA For Africa We Are The World S02R11
1429 Valerie Dore King Arthur S08R12
1430 Valerie Dore Lancelot S05R02
1431 Van Halen Jump S05R04
1432 Van Halen Why Can't This Be Love S02R08
1433 Van Morrison Have I Told You Lately ZR 06/07
1434 Vangelis Chariots Of Fire ZR 05/06
1435 Vangelis Chariots Of Fire S09R04
1436 Vapors Turning Japanese S07R08
1437 Vera Kaa Schuld War Nur Der Bossa Nova S05R09
1438 Verve Bitter Sweez Symphony ZR 02.02.08Freak
1439 Video Kids Woodpeckers From Space S04R02
1440 Village People 5 O'Clock In The Morning S09R06
1441 Violent Femmes Blister In The Sun S01R21
1442 Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone S07R03
1443 Visage The Damned Don't Cry ZR 25.07.2007
1444 Visage Fade To Grey S06R02
1445 Visage Mind Of A Toy S04R10
1446 Visage Mind Of A Toy (Extended) S02R03
1447 Visage Visage S08R04
1448 Wall Of Voodoo Mexican Radio S05R02
1449 Walli B. Girl Ich Brauch' Dich S09R12
1450 Wally Jump Jr. & The Criminal Element Turn Me Loose S05R10
1451 Warlock Burning The Witches S08R11
1452 Warlock Make Time For Love S01R15
1453 Warning Why Can The Bodies Fly? S01R05
1454 Warning Why Can The Bodies Fly? S07R10
1455 Warren Zevon Werewolves Of London S09R10
1456 Waterboys The Whole Of The Moon S01R21
1457 Wax Bridge To Your Heart S08R06
1458 Wee Papa Girl Rappers Wee Rule S04R05
1459 West Street Mob Break Dance - Electric Boogie S02R05
1460 Wham Last Christmas (Pudding Mix) ZR 05/06
1461 Wham Young Guns S07R06
1462 When In Rome The Promise S04R02
1463 Whispers And The Beat Goes On S03R13
1464 Whitesnake Here I Go Again S01R02
1465 White Soxx Versailles S06R12
1466 Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) S09R02
1467 Who Who Are You ZR 18.07.2007
1468 Whodini Freaks Come Out Tonight S03R05
1469 Whodini The Hounted House Of Rock S01R07
1470 Whodini The Hounted House Of Rock (Track 2) Scheulmix 31.05.06
1471 Whodini The Hounted House Of Rock (Track 7) Scheulmix 31.05.06
1472 William Pitt City Lights S06R01
1473 Winston Tong Reports From The Heart ZR 06/07
1474 Wolfgang Ambros Langsam Woch's Ma Z'amm S03R09
1475 Wolfgang Petry Wahnsinn S05R09
1476 Womack & Womack Teardrops S01R16
1477 Wonderland Moscow S03R12
1478 Won Ton Ton I Lie And I Cheat S09R05
1479 Wums Gesang Ich Wünsch' Mir 'Ne Kleine Miezekatze ZR 18.07.2007
1480 Xandra Hag Zeit Für Den Sommer S04R09
1481 Yarbrough & Peoples Don't Stop The Music S04R12
1482 Yazoo Don't Go WM-Quiz
1483 Yazoo Goodbye Seventies S08R03
1484 Yazoo Nobody's Diary S06R03
1485 Yazoo Situation (1982 US-Mix/Dub) S02R11
1486 Yazz The Only Way Is Up S07R12
1487 Yello Bostich S05R03
1488 Yello Goldrush S09R06
1489 Yello Lost Again S01R20
1490 Yello Vicious Games S10R02
1491 Yello & Shirley Bassey The Rhythm Divine ZR 02.02.08Freak
1492 Yes Owner Of A Lonely Heart WM-Quiz
1493 Zager & Evans In The Year 2525 S03R12
1494 Zarathustra Eiskalt S01R13
1495 Zig Zag Hold You S09R12
1496 Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction Prime Mover S04R10
1497 Zoff Sauerland S07R06
1498 Zöllner Viel Zu Weit Ostrock-ZR
1499 Zucchero Madre Dolcissima (Mama) S07R12
1500 ZZ Top Gimme All Your Lovin' (Live) S01R15
1501 ZZ Top Legs S09R11
1502 ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man S06R10


1503 Double Trouble Stoop Rap S02R05
1504 Earth, Wind & Fire/Mezzoforte/Henry Mancini In The Stone/Garden Party/The Pink Panther ZR 70er
[ edit ]
10.05.2006, 11:19 Uhr

Posts: 2910
Rang: Geliebter der Königin

Bitte noch die von der aktuellen noch laufenden Runde eintragen *flöööööt*

Danke für die Übersicht.
[ edit ]
10.05.2006, 14:47 Uhr

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Rang: Trommler

Super Liste, Dankeschön!

War vermutlich ein aktueller Anlass, der dich zur Veröffentlichung bewegt hat!

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10.05.2006, 14:58 Uhr

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Diese Woche waren es sogar zwei Anlässe, die ich allerdings (noch) nicht in die Liste eingearbeitet habe.
They were young, living for the moment...
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10.05.2006, 20:50 Uhr

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Rang: Geliebter der Königin

Danke für die Mordsarbeit, freak!

Sip from the wine of youth again...
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10.05.2006, 21:00 Uhr

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@ 80s-cd-freak,

danke für die Liste. Die hat ja gleich Doppelfunktion. Künftige Quizmaster wissen was schon mal dran war. Die andere Funktion ist, nicht bekannte Songs mal anzuhören und bekannte Songs mal wieder anzuhören.

Führst Du diese Liste fort? Wär echt klasse.
Träume nicht Dein Leben,
lebe Deinen Traum
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10.05.2006, 21:21 Uhr

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Natürlich werde ich die Liste fortführen. Auch verwendete Songs aus Zwischenrätseln werden zukünftig einsortiert.

Das macht schon deshalb Sinn, weil wir (hoffentlich) desöfteren neue Teilnehmer haben werden und diese mit Hilfe der Liste feststellen können, welche Titel bereits "verquizzt" worden sind.
They were young, living for the moment...
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10.05.2006, 22:48 Uhr

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yep -gute idee

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11.05.2006, 08:14 Uhr

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Scheul sagt:
Bitte noch die von der aktuellen noch laufenden Runde eintragen *flöööööt*
Danke für die Übersicht.

Aber bitte auch hervorheben (fett oder kursiv, damit man nicht so lange suchen muss...

Klasse Sache, dass mit der Liste. Insbesondere für Quizmasternovizen wie mich eine große Hilfe.

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11.05.2006, 08:37 Uhr

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@ pepe:

They were young, living for the moment...
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11.05.2006, 12:50 Uhr

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Naja, zumindest keine Lieder doppelt genommen, wenn ich mich nicht verguckt habe

Lieber fresse ich meine eigene Scheisse, als mich auf ein Duett mit James Blunt einzulassen! (Paul Weller)
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18.05.2006, 14:11 Uhr

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Die Liste ist jetzt auf dem aktuellen Stand.
They were young, living for the moment...
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18.05.2006, 20:17 Uhr

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Freak Du bist echt spitze!
Träume nicht Dein Leben,
lebe Deinen Traum
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06.06.2006, 18:52 Uhr

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Die Liste ist wirklich gut. Allerdings hat sich ein Fehlerchen eingeschlichen:

"355 Revolting Clocks Attack Ships On Fire": Das sind die Revolting Cocks.

---------------- - disCOVER the ORIGINAL
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06.06.2006, 20:08 Uhr

Posts: 1262
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haha, die Revolting Clocks..
schöne Liste übrigens

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23.08.2006, 13:12 Uhr

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Die Liste ist wieder auf dem aktuellen Stand.
They were young, living for the moment...
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23.08.2006, 15:58 Uhr

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wieso steht push it von salt n pepa 3x drinne?

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23.08.2006, 21:18 Uhr

Posts: 1739
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Der Song ist tatsächlich drei Mal verschnipselt worden:

Saison 1 Runde 16
Saison 3 Runde 7
Saison 4 Runde 4

Wofür mache ich mir eigentlich die Arbeit?
They were young, living for the moment...
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24.08.2006, 10:34 Uhr

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War mir doch so, als hätten wir das schon gehabt... aber daß es schon 3x gelaufen ist, hatte ich auch nicht gemerkt!

Ihr wart super, Jungs!

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28.08.2006, 12:04 Uhr

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Gekannt haben ihn aber immer noch nicht alle. Da geht noch was
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16.11.2006, 08:25 Uhr

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Die Liste ist wieder auf den aktuellen Stand gebracht.

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22.02.2007, 08:55 Uhr

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---------------- - disCOVER the ORIGINAL
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12.04.2007, 12:26 Uhr

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Liste neuester Stand.

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12.04.2007, 13:18 Uhr

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Sehr schön Freak.... dann kann ich mir ja 10 Songs für mein Rätsel nächste Woche raussuchen....
Früher war mehr Lametta!
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17.04.2007, 10:20 Uhr

Posts: 1739
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Wie wäre es zur Abwechslung mal mit "Push It" von Salt 'n' Pepa? Ich glaube, das hatten wir noch nicht.

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17.04.2007, 11:40 Uhr

Posts: 1264
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Und Whodini "The Hounted House Of Rock" hatten wir auch lange nicht.
---------------- - disCOVER the ORIGINAL
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17.04.2007, 13:31 Uhr

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Whodini hatte ich ja in einem Rätsel gleich 2 x eingebaut. Und das war auch nur ein Zwischenrätsel und nicht hier in der offiziellen Runde
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27.06.2007, 22:31 Uhr

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Die Liste enthält jetzt alle verwendeten Songs bis einschließlich heute.

Selbstverständlich werden auch die Schnipsel aus den kommenden Freiwilligen-Rätseln hier Einzug finden.
Das ist scheißer als das jetzt gegen.

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17.08.2007, 11:45 Uhr

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»Mutter, hol dir einen großen, starken Syrenier auf dem Markt und verschaff dir Erleichterung!«
Brutus zu Servilia in »Rom«
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26.08.2007, 18:06 Uhr

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Super Liste,
hat mir gut geholfen "neue" Songs für mein Rätsel zu finden.
Und diesmal hab ich es auch etwas "anspruchsvoller" gestaltet ( nicht unbedingt von der Qualität , nur vom Rätselanspruch.. ) :-)


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27.08.2007, 10:53 Uhr

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"Push it" ... keine schlechte Idee. Mal sehen, ob ich davon noch einen abartigen Remix habe
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14.11.2007, 14:13 Uhr

Posts: 1264
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*hochzerrundinerinnerungruf* Nicht dass wieder jemand "Push It" einbaut.

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15.02.2008, 16:27 Uhr

Posts: 1739
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Aktualisierte Liste.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
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20.02.2008, 16:11 Uhr

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Salt & Peppa waren schon lange nicht mehr im Rätsel
Italo Disco
Deutsches Italo Disco Forum
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20.02.2008, 16:20 Uhr

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Salt & Peppa waren noch nie im Rätsel.
Bands, those funny little plans that never work quite right
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20.02.2008, 19:22 Uhr

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Ashes of memory still aglow...
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06.03.2008, 14:33 Uhr

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@ 80s-Freak:
Könntest du nicht obige Liste der ersten 10 Saisons auch in den anderen Thread reinkopieren (am besten ins ersten Posting) und im zweiten Posting dann alle neuen Titel berücksichtigen?
Das müsste trotz Posting-Grenze gehen, oder?

Fände es schon besser, wenn alle Titel kompakt auf einer Seite wären. Die alphabetische Reihenfolge ist mir sowieso nicht so wichtig, ich nutze meist die (Firefox-)Funktion "Seite durchsuchen".
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06.03.2008, 18:03 Uhr

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@ Denea:

Irgendeiner muss diesen Job ja machen.

@ Lion:

Schon erledigt. Sonst noch Wünsche?
Bands, those funny little plans that never work quite right
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18.02.2017, 16:32 Uhr

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02.05.2017, 16:36 Uhr

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12.07.2017, 23:54 Uhr

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21.07.2017, 01:13 Uhr

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28.12.2017, 00:07 Uhr

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01.01.2018, 16:20 Uhr

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