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aftershave search, 1985 Germany

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Thema: aftershave search, 1985 Germany

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23.08.2013, 03:20 Uhr

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In 1985 when I was a teenager I received a gift from relatives in Berlin. It was an aftershave called Consul.

I have been searching all over the internet and I can't find any picture or even a mention of this aftershave.

I'm not absolutely sure about the name. I think it was Consul but it could have been Concur, Concol or something similar.

I remember how the packaging looked like. It came in a dark navy blue box that had Roman columns.

I think this was a cheap aftershave that was possibly bought from a Woolworths store in 1985.

Do you remember this aftershave? What was it called?

I created an image that shows how it looked like:

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